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UM design focuses on system design of brand 360°, its services include brand positioning, naming, recognition system design, commercial space, product packaging and so on. Market dominates the relationship between consumers and brands, people and people, which explores the possibility of brand, innovates the brand’s new value, makes it more vitality.


UM design emphasizes the close relationship between you and me, we, the customer and team, team and team, not being a blunt the third party. Through the communication and trust between team and customer, we hope that we can achieve a win-win situation in the happy cooperation.


Growing with customers and friends all the way, UM establish rigorous design modes through effective communication, in order to better understand the market, consumer demand, and breakthrough brands. Compared with designing awards, we better hope that the clients of UM can survive longer in the market, not like a flash in the pan just closure in the Yearbook or books and periodicals .Of course, we won the business case design awards which can make us more confident in the design of the road.


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