UM互与设计案例受邀出版英文刊物《Color Matters—Branding & Identity》

Color applied to brand design has always been valued and emphasized, because it plays a significant role in terms of visual effect, psychological impact, brand character, etc. In line with the topic of Color Party, Color Matters – Branding & Identity has a more specific classification according to color property on more than 100 works from different fields covering the branding of corporations, events, meetings, individuals and so on. The works featured in this book are expressive of the charm of visual language through the distinctive color application and manifestation, and further illustrate the color applied to various brands from graphic design to spatial design, bringing readers another fascinating journey to experience the enchantment of color and branding.

色彩在视觉效果、心理影响和品牌特性的塑造上都扮演着重要角色,因而在品牌设计的过程中,对于色彩的运用不可忽视。与《Color Party》一脉相承,《Color Matters—Branding & Identity》有着更详尽的分类展示,超过100个品牌设计作品既服务于企业或个人的品牌诉求,也涵盖了活动及会议的品牌打造。本书还进一步展现了从平面设计至空间设计中的色彩运用,为读者呈现丰富的视觉盛宴。